Your Complete Guide To Invisalign Treatment

Let’s face it; we’ve all dreamt of that picture-perfect million-dollar smile! And why not? It’s the internet era, and everybody loves clean, neatly aligned teeth. Not to forget the confidence a perfect smile adds to the face. But the traditional process of getting them (metal braces) has always been criticized. Therefore, if you want to show off those pearly whites minus the pain of braces, Invisalign treatment by West Columbia family dentistry is the way to go.

Invisalign costs less, gives you confidence, and has many additional benefits over traditional braces. Adding to the good news, professionals at Coralina smiles dentistry can help you achieve it. 

But how does an Invisalign work? First, let’s find it out in this weblog. Then, continue reading as we explore the different aspects of Invisalign aligners in the following sections. 

The Working of Invisalign Aligners 

How Invisalign works is probably the most asked question.

Invisalign is a system that uses custom-designed molds of your teeth to make clear aligners that help correct crooked teeth. The system is said to be a great leap forward in dentistry.

According to most orthodontics, people’s preference has shifted to Invisalign due to its many benefits, though it is a more expensive treatment.

It uses trays, which apply gentle but constant pressure to the teeth and force them to shift into proper alignment with time. The trays have a top and bottom set and last two weeks each.

But unlike traditional braces, you need to take care of the aligners. However, most people would not know much about them or where to begin.

Here are the basics about Invisalign to get you started: 

  • The Time Involved in the Invisalign Treatment

Most people wish to know ‘how long does it take for Invisalign to work?’ Experts at Carolina smiles dentistry says it only takes less than two years. However, some have even seen results in 6 months. But Invisalign’s length of time may vary based on the smile and the issue’s complexity.

The average time for Invisalign is said to be 1 to 1.5 years. Besides, Invisalign works gradually to minimize discomfort and ensure a healthy set of teeth. But patients can expect to start seeing subtle differences around 10-12 weeks.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get Invisalign?

Receiving one’s Invisalign aligners takes up to 2 weeks after the orthodontist takes the teeth’s impression. Then, professionals send it to the Invisalign lab with information on the treatment and the progress speed. So, the entire process can take up to 4 weeks. 

  • What Should You Know Before Getting Invisalign?

If you wonder, “can I get Invisalign?’, here are a few things suggested by professionals at Carolina Smiles dentistry:

  • Invisalign is a custom-fit aligner made of plastic that looks nearly invisible and needs to be changed every two weeks.
  • Invisalign isn’t painful, though it can cause a person’s teeth to feel sore. However, say no to hot beverages with the aligner on when at it, as it may cause the plastic to soften and change shape.
  • Invisalign’s length of time for everyday wear will be approximately 22 hours. Therefore, the treatment can be expensive based on its duration.
  • Since it is a realignment system and will help with dental issues like spacing, crowding, or biting, you should avoid hard foods to help tooth soreness.
  • You can clean them between meals and snacks to prevent decay and plaque.
  • To prevent damage, avoid exposing them to sunlight or cold temperatures. It would be best if you also did dental visits every 6-10 weeks to check the progress and aligners during the treatment.
  • When you are not wearing aligners, you can place them in the aligner case to avoid damaging them. If your aligners break, it can take your dentist a couple of weeks to make available the new ones.
  • Using Invisalign at the initial stages and after six months will be entirely different for you. Remember, a retainer will complement the aligners once the process finishes. 

How Do You Get Invisalign?

To qualify for Invisalign, one must have all adult teeth. Prior dental work is required to begin the process if you don’t fulfill the conditions to get the aligners. The process starts with a consultation with your local Carolina smiles dentistry. The orthodontist will first ascertain your oral situation.

Following this, the doctor takes an impression of your teeth which is sent to the Invisalign lab with notes on the treatment and the expected progress speed.

Invisalign then makes aligners unique to your mouth and which are a custom fit. Choosing a reliable Invisalign provider is key to the process.

Invisalign- Does It Work? 

Yes, recent research shows that Invisalign is effective in correcting alignment issues. It can be considered as effective as traditional braces for mild or moderate oral problems.

It is a less invasive and painful alternative to metal braces.

It has a 96% satisfaction rate and is also the faster option. While the average metal braces treatment time is between 18 and 24 months, the average length of treatment time with Invisalign is 12-16 months.

The treatment is permanent and will last a lifetime if done accordingly by Carolina smiles dentistry. You will notice a difference in Invisalign reviews before and after.