Tooth loss is not just a problem that can affect your appearance. Missing an entire upper or lower arch of your teeth, or even missing all of your teeth, can seriously impair your quality of life. It can make it more difficult to eat your favorite foods, pain can occur, and you may find that you are struggling with interpersonal relationships due to fear of sharing your smile with friends, loved ones, and strangers.

The impact of tooth loss on your smile does not end with having an unattractive smile, either. Your teeth play an important role in the shape and structure of your face, and without them, your face may start to take on a sagged, hollow appearance. You may start to look older than you are, dealing a further blow to your self-esteem. When you are missing teeth, then we here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry can help you regain your confidence and your quality of life with dental restoration service dentures.

Full Dentures Vs. Partial Dentures

There are two different types of dentures: partial dentures and full dentures. The difference between the two lies in how many natural teeth remain. A complete denture is a removable prosthesis that rests on the remaining gum ridge once all of the teeth in the arch have been removed or lost. A partial denture is used when just a few or several teeth are missing in a row.

Can I Benefit From Dentures?

Complete tooth loss is quite common, with 40 million American adults missing all of their teeth. If you are missing your teeth, you can restore your smile quickly with a beautiful set of dentures. A set of well-fitting dentures are nothing to be embarrassed about, either.

When we fit our patients with dentures, we work with them to ensure the best fit. This can help prevent any embarrassing movement of your dentures in your mouth. It can also make it easier for you to enjoy your favorite foods without fear of having your dentures accidentally dislodged from your mouth.

Today’s dentures are nothing like your parents’ or grandparents’ dentures. Most of us have seen the horrible dentures of our elders, with bright pink trays and boxy white teeth floating in a glass on the end table. We now are more careful to help make dentures look natural, just like your real teeth. The acrylic trays can be customized to your skin tone, allowing them to look like your gums.

The teeth portion of the denture can also be customized, and we can dye the restoration to any color you like. They do not have to be harsh white and will resemble real teeth. The shape of the denture depends on if is an upper or lower denture. An upper denture fits over the soft palate, but a lower denture may be a “U” shape to help accommodate the tongue.

Fitting You With Dentures

Getting fitted with dentures is an easy process. If you have any teeth remaining that need removed, we will start with an extraction. Please understand that your gums will shrink naturally after an extraction, which means that your dentures will need relining after your initial fitting. We will then take an impression of your mouth. This will be sent to our lab to create your permanent dentures. When we get your dentures back from the lab, we will confirm that you are satisfied with the fit and they look and feel good in your mouth. We will make any necessary adjustments to help ensure your best fit and comfort.

Dentures have improved leaps and bounds over the past few years, and more and more patients are choosing to have them done. To learn more about dentures or to set up an appointment with us for a consultation or fitting for dentures, please give us here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry a call today at (803) 794-2273!