What Your Teeth Get When You Eat Lots of Proteins

Getting a large variety of nutrients is not only good for your body but also for your teeth! Keeping your teeth is essential. Without them, imagine all of the beautiful and delicious foods you would not be able to eat.

Not only that, but teeth play a role in your body’s overall health, and if you do not have teeth, you cannot eat the foods that give you the nutrients to keep your mouth healthy. It is cyclical.

The Role Of Protein

We have all heard about the importance of calcium—it can keep our bones and teeth strong. But what about protein? Protein often goes unmentioned in keeping healthy teeth, and many protein-rich foods can be great for sustaining a beautiful smile. Protein can benefit all ages, but it is beneficial for children whose teeth are just starting to develop.

We all know protein’s role in growing big muscles; ask any of those Hollywood hunks. However, a little-known fact about protein is its importance in tooth health. Protein is necessary to create a strong tooth structure and connective tissue in the gums, and it also supports the immune function to help fight sickness.

Protein helps children grow their first teeth, adult or baby, by supporting the growth of enamel when the teeth are formed. It does this by combining with other nutrients in the body. Without enough protein, enamel growth in children can be dampened.

Alongside its ability to strengthen enamel growth, protein also helps grow connective tissue throughout the body. This means the connective tissue that helps make up the gums also needs protein to grow. If your gums are damaged, protein will help restore them to new ones over time.

Gum health plays a big part in the overall health of your mouth and body, so it is essential to keep them as healthy as possible. If you want to talk more about the benefits of protein to your teeth and gums, call us. We would also be happy to speak with you at your next appointment, so schedule one today.