Vitamin D from the Sun Helps Improve Your Oral Health

The truest measure of how healthy your teeth are relying on the amount of existing decay in your teeth, and bleeding in your gums. Both of these issues are considered diseases with chronic conditions. Children suffer tooth decay more than adults, and a common sign of this is bleeding in their gums.

Read on to learn how Vitamin D and Calcium are related to each other and your oral health and how much sun is considered healthy.

Vitamin D And Calcium

Calcium has a vital role in keeping the bones in your jaw healthy and strong enough to support and hold your teeth in their current position. It is important to note that calcium must have phosphorus in order to fully maximize on the potential to strengthen bones and various other benefits. Children, especially, need plenty of phosphorous as well as calcium, in order to help form strong teeth as they grow.

Vitamin D, on the other hand, is the vitamin that regulates how the body balances calcium and phosphorus. It also is essential in alleviating swelling in the gum area, as it relates to periodontal disease. Maintaining a healthy eating habits are essential for keeping your teeth healthy. We can give you guidance and resources on which foods are high in Calcium and Vitamin D when you come into our office for your consultation.

How Much Sun Is Too Much?
Did you know that our teeth can get sunburn just like our skin? Just like with skin, sun exposure for extended periods of time can be very detrimental to your mouth, gums and teeth. The first step is for our dentists to perform an assessment that evaluates your current oral hygiene. When out in the sun, keep a UV Chapstick, and stay hydrated to keep your mouth and teeth from getting sunburned.

Schedule a consultation and let us help you maintain a healthy body and mouth.