The Worst Drinks for Dental Stains

Dental staining can develop because of the drinks we like. Actually, many foods and drinks can lead to tooth staining. For example, coffee, teas, and colas cause staining, and are some of the worst offenders.

If you like these drinks, you have to drink less of them and brush your teeth after you consume them. Some habits are hard to break, and drinking coffee is one of them. The information below gives more details about what drinks cause staining and what you can do about it.

How To Reduce The Effects Of Stains From Drinks

You may drink coffee to give you a quick pick-me-up in the morning. However, this well-loved beverage will still stain your teeth. The acids in both coffees and teas strip away the enamel and leave dark stains in their wake. However, it simply it not practical to stop drinking coffee or tea. They are part of our daily ritual. To combat staining, you need to brush your teeth after you consume a beverage, such as a coffee or cola. You may also want to chew a sugar-free gum. Doing so will remove some of the compounds that cause stains on the teeth.

Red wine is another drink known to cause tooth staining. That is because the beverage contains chromogens, which are known to cause stains. Both red wine and white wine are highly acidic, so even white wine can stain the teeth. Therefore, drinking wine leaves your teeth vulnerable to any other food that can cause stains as well. Sugary drinks are yet other drinks that can discolor teeth. Energy drinks, sodas, and sports drinks all contain acids and sugar that damage the teeth and leave them open to staining.

We can help you get rid of staining with an in-office whitening treatment. We can also suggest ways to improve the whiteness of your teeth with the use of crowns or veneers. Give us a call today for an exam and consultation. While you probably cannot give up coffee or wine, you can spend a couple minutes brushing your teeth to prevent problems with erosion or stains.