Stress Could Be Causing Your Puffy Gums

We know that anyone who has ever experienced a highly stressful situation may have felt as though their gums were hurting. Studies have been performed that show a robust positive link between stress and other psychological issues and gum disease. Those dentists and doctors involved in this study do theorize that this relationship points to changes resulting from either hormonal related stress or neglected oral hygiene but the answers were not found to be clear cut. Another way of looking at this theory might dictate that those who become highly stressed on a regular basis may overlook dental care and flossing and might have exasperated this issue with advanced use of alcohol and drugs. We believe that you should always take time to smell the roses and that regular timeouts to relax might just be one of the finest things you can do for your oral health.

Take Care To Allow Time In Your Day To Relax And Let Go Of Stress

We see a lot of people in our daily dental practice and all too often, some folks are outwardly stressed to a dangerous degree. If this sounds like you, please call today to learn how to alleviate this damaging condition. Many people don’t even recognize stress and this just makes it worse. Stress in our lives is all too common and can easily cause emotional as well as physical bodily tension.

Where Does Stress Come From?

We know that stress can really sneak up on you and before long, it may cause some serious health issues. Stress might originate in the mere act of thinking or pondering an event that may be coming up in your life. These thought patterns perpetuate sustained frustration, anger, and nervousness. Stress is how the body reacts to any stimulation that either challenges us or makes what we see as unruly demands in our lives.

We suggest you learn to identify stress in all of its many forms and then isolate it in order to learn to let go. After all, when you have stress, it is something you are doing to yourself and that is never a good idea. As always, if you feel a need for help in any way with stress or any other body related conditions, please call us to set up an appointment or just stop by to chat whenever you are in the area. We aim to please and we do have quite a few answers.