Risks Associated With Root Canals

A root canal is the safest, most effective, and minimally-invasive endodontic treatment that can save your tooth. The treatment has a very high success rate of about 95%. However, many people are frightened by the prospect of getting a root canal treatment.

At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we ensure that root canal treatment carries minimal risks and that we can easily treat any possible complications.

Root Canal Risks

There are a few factors that can lead to root canal complications. These include:


If the pulp chamber is not adequately disinfected, bacteria may proliferate inside the tooth and cause reinfection. At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, and have years of experience thoroughly cleaning and sealing your pulp chamber during surgery.

Insufficient Filling

Insufficient gutta percha or sealant can result in bacteria infecting the tooth again. On the other hand, overfilled sealants can also result in root canal failure. However, such cases are rare and can be fixed with repeat root canal surgery.

Poorly Fabricated Crown

The dental crown serves to strengthen and protect the weak underlying tooth. However, if this crown is not created perfectly, it may not sit right on the tooth and may not prevent bacteria from reinfecting it.

Inadequately Treated Canal

A tooth may have one to four canals in its root. If any of these canals is missed during surgery, it can lead to complications requiring a repeat surgery to fix.

At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, take special care to perform your root canal treatment perfectly. However, if any of the above conditions occur, we can easily fix them.

If you are recommended a root canal treatment, don’t be afraid and get the treatment as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with us by calling us at (803) 794-2273 today.