Options for Broken Teeth Aside from Extraction

There are many reasons people experience broken teeth. It can come from sports accidents, something that you chewed, or improper oral health care. Whatever the reason, people fear having their tooth removed or a painful procedure. If a broken tooth is not fixed it c, it can result in tooth decay, gum disease or m, or misalignment of your remaining teeth. 

Root Canal Therapy

There is a canal in the center of your tooth from your jawline to the top. This is the root of your tooth. A dentist will drill down into the center of your tooth through the tooth to the bottom. The canal will be widened and filed wider series of small files that slide up and down the root canal. Once the channel has been filed and is clear of any bacteria, sealant will be applied and treated until solid. Next, another x-ray will take place to ensure the root is sealed correctly. Finally, a crown will be built around the remainder of the tooth.


This procedure is like a root canal and is usually only done when the root canal doesn’t work or isn’t feasible. Like the root canal, in an apicoectomy, only the tip of the tooth root is removed. This procedure is done only when a tooth has grown and curved over time down into the jawline, making it impossible to insert the metal files to clean the root base. The root tip is removed, and the hole sealed. After another x-ray, a crown is built.

Both of these procedures can seem like they may be painful or a little bit scary. Don’t sweat if you have heard horror stories about root canals. Our office has performed many of these procedures and has the experience to make it as painless as possible. If you have a broken tooth and your current dentist recommends an extraction, we would be more than happy to give you a second opinion and assist with your oral health needs.