Learning New Things That Could Be Dangerous to Your Oral Health

Our office would like to share some new trends affecting patients’ mouths. Whenever something new is popping up, our office is here to help you read between the lines that, sometimes, can seem blurry.

We intend to help you know what information is safe and which is not, so you can best protect your mouth.

With the growing trend of nicotine delivery devices hitting the market every month it can be

Using Electronic Nicotine Devices

easy to view it as safer. Our dental office and others are already seeing the damage done by vaping. When you smoke a vaporizer, nicotine is much lower than in a cigarette. However, the average e-juice holder on a vaporizer holds two to four packs of cigarettes.

The key ingredients in a vaporizer are deposited on your teeth. One specifically called vegetable glycerol. Once there, it retains bacteria that immediately start working on your teeth. The sweet-tasting flavors are very acidic. If you are intent on quitting, stick to the gum. It may not look as “cool” or taste good, but gum removes old food and chunks from your teeth.

DIY Tips Should Never Come From Social Media Outlets

Several social media outlets always seem to have some type of new fad on dental hygiene, but these should be avoided in nearly all circumstances. If the social media feeds, tell you that you need to do anything other than brushing, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, and seeing us care for your teeth, be leery. You need to do a few other things regularly to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Use common sense and avoid any random stranger’s form of advice on how to care for your teeth. Instead, turn to the professionals in our office to find out what is safe for you and your mouth.

We hope these are beneficial. Suppose you have any further questions or have issues with the material above. Call today; we are here to assist with your oral care.