Is It a Bad Idea to Drink Only Bottled Water?

The type of water you drink can affect your health. While water generally is good for the body, there is a constant debate on whether bottled water is a better choice. Your teeth and overall health can also be affected by the water you drink. It’s important to realize that bottled water has a time and a place for when to drink it. It’s convenient and portable, so it’s easy to bring around, but it’s vital not to make it your only water source.

Here’s Why Us Dentists Aren’t A Fan Of Bottled Water

There are specific contents of bottled water that can ultimately affect what happens to your teeth. Most bottled water brands have dangerous pH levels that can damage your teeth. It also generally lacks the essential fluoride that you need when staying hydrated. On a pH scale level of 0 to 14, the water you must drink should be at a 7. Going any lower could be acidic, and anything higher than an 8 is Alkaline. Enamel starts to erode at a pH level of 5.5, so avoid drinks that reach that low. Research has shown that the damage to your teeth increases with time. For example, as you continue to drink soda, it negatively affects your teeth if you sip it longer. Bottled water may seem cleaner, but general tap water will suffice to stay hydrated and avoid most dental issues.

Whether you decide to drink bottled or tap water, make it a goal to remain hydrated no matter what. Municipal water may be a better option for teeth, and you must look out for your dental health and make the necessary improvements.

Taking care of your teeth all begins with proper prevention and daily care. Our dentists will gladly work with you to help care for your teeth and for you essential knowledge on maintaining good dental health.