How to Save Your Knock Out Tooth

It is common for kids and adults to lose their teeth during sports. Most athletes have their teeth knocked out in numerous ways, but they know how to preserve them; that’s why they always have a lustrous smile. You might not know this, but your tooth can be completely restored. If it gets chipped, take it to a dentist, and it will be repaired. Moreover, there are other ways to save your knock-out tooth, but you must act fast.

What To Do When Your Tooth Is Knocked Out

If you knock out your tooth as an adult, hold it by the crown, not by its root. Rinse it with cold water for not more than 10 seconds and put it back in its place, but if it doesn’t, don’t fight it. Put in milk or your saliva. It helps the teeth stay in good health until you reach the dentist. If it’s a baby’s tooth, don’t try to put it back in because you might damage the tooth underneath.

What A Dentist Will Do In Case Of A Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have put your tooth back in place – bravo! The dentist will check if it’s in the right place and not in contact with other teeth. If you bring your tooth back in milk or saliva, the dentist can put it back in. However, if you lose your tooth, there is no going back. You can only opt for a false tooth procedure, where a dentist will implant an artificial tooth instead of the missing one.

No matter what time of the day, you should always make haste to the dentist in case of a knocked-out tooth. If you want an expert dentist on your case, you can visit [[[CLIENTEX:DOCNAME1]] by dialing (803) 310-4707.