How Music Can Help Make Dental Procedures Go Quicker

Studies show that certain types of music tend to soothe people from all across the personality spectrum. Certain types of music can calm your nerves and energize you in our offices. Many studies show that music therapy can inhibit the production of cortisol – a hormone that triggers stress symptoms – in patients during dental procedures. We can, therefore, enhance the prospects of succeeding with your dental procedure by using music to decongest your stress and boost your mood.

However, beyond the psychological level, music can also induce various beneficial physiological effects in patients. Findings from Medical research show that music can enhance hormone production and immune activities in patients. A medical study shows that using music as part of sedation dentition accelerates recovery in children significantly.

We oftentimes play music in our reception area, hallways, and treatment rooms. We believe that music can be beneficial to patients across every stage of the procedure, from the examination to the preparation, the main procedure, and recovery. Patients who are better off with their preferences can use wireless headphones to listen to their own kind of music throughout their appointments.

It’s not just the patients who benefit from music during our procedure; our dentists do as well. Music also helps us deal better with the stress of managing patients with various unique personal needs and personalities. It helps ease tension while also sharpening our focused to handle situations with confidence and accuracy.

On A Precautionary Note

Our dentists are frequently bombarded with noise from loud instruments and tools used for various dental procedures, so it is best if they’re not exposed to jarring music with all those noises around them. We don’t turn the volume of our music louder than 40 – 60 decibels (the pain threshold for noise is 140 decibels). That way, the music filters softly into the background, uplifting spirits while also allowing us to converse with our patients within normal earshot. You can visit our offices today to see how we elegantly combine music therapy with our dental procedures.