How Floss Threaders Can Make Flossing Easier

We cannot overemphasize the importance of flossing. Our dentists regularly advise all our patients and their family members to floss at least once a day. It can clean up parts of your teeth that normal brushing – however diligent they are – cannot reach. It can also clean the surfaces of plaque and other infection-causing bacteria. But when you start wearing braces or when your teeth are incredibly close together, flossing can be more like a Herculean task.

Flossing While Facing Obstacles

Quite simply, how do you get across those wires? For those with braces, flossing may seem like an unnecessary problem that’s best avoided. But it’s important to realize the importance of flossing when wearing braces.

The same goes if you have incredibly tight teeth. Flossing can be difficult, sometimes even painful. While normal dental floss will seem daunting, there’s no need to give up, as there are effective alternatives, including, floss threaders and air and water flossers.

How Do Floss Threaders Work?

Unlike the normal dental floss, floss threaders come with plastic loops. Once you fix floss to these loops, you can approach these areas and gently clean your teeth one at a time. Whereas with the regular floss you won’t be able to reach deep between teeth, with a threader, you will be able to clean up to the surface of the gum.

Should You Start Using Floss Threaders?

If you have had a dental procedure like braces, our dentists will give you a thorough and systematic dental care plan that will include advice on flossing. You will be shown the correct procedure of using floss threaders and soon you will realize that obstacles won’t be able to stand between you and healthier teeth. Call us today to set up a consultation where we can show you how easy flossing can be despite obstacles that could stand in your way.