How Quickly After Dental Whitening Can You See Results?

f you want a bright white smile, you are not alone. While some people may think that they can keep their teeth white through regular brushing and regular dental cleaning, it is not always that easy.

There are times when white teeth require something more. Teeth whitening is one way to do it. There are home products and it is something that we do in our office. Before trying dental whitening, it is important to know what to expect.

Different Types Of Whitening

There are many different methods for teeth whitening. The speed at which they produce results will depend on the method used and the way that the method was used. Some of the ways to whiten teeth include whitening toothpaste, whitening rinses, whitening gels, whitening strips and professional teeth whitening.

All the methods work in a somewhat similar fashion. They all use chemicals that essentially bleach the teeth and help turn them whiter. The speed at which they work will depend on the strength of the chemicals used.

The Different Speeds
In general, the products used at home will take the longest to see results. Whitening rinses and toothpaste will take the longest with anywhere from a month to several months to see any results. Gels and whitening strips take a few 2 to 4 weeks for results. All these home-based methods depend on the using the products as directed.

For the people who want the fastest, safest and best results, our professional whitening is the best choice. Our professional whitening uses stronger chemicals and is applied by our trained professionals in our office. A typical procedure takes about 90 minutes. You will notice that your teeth are a few shades lighter when you leave the office after the treatment.

It is important to know what to expect before opting for teeth whitening. You do not want to set your expectations too high or you will end up disappointed.

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