Things you need to know about Preventive Dental Services in West Columbia

Preventive dental care is as essential as other preventive health care procedures. As the saying goes, Prevention is better than cure – taking minor steps to avoid dental problems is better than taking significant steps to cure the issues that have worsened. Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry offers Preventive dental services to identify signs of possible complications and providing immediate care to avoid more extensive treatments.

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Preventive Dental Services we offer at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry

With the help of early preventative care, developing complications can be detected and treated using minimally invasive procedures.

  • Regular dental cleanings and examinations can detect any changes and signs of developing diseases, making it easier for the dentist to create a treatment plan that can help in the prevention of future dental complications.
  • Gum Care can help in preventing Periodontal disease which is known to cause multiple problems in the mouth. A periodontal disease that is left untreated can lead to the damage to the surrounding tissues, teeth and can cause Halitosis (bad breath).
  • Dental Sealants & Fluoride Treatments can help prevent any dental issues by sealing and coating each tooth respectively and acting as shields that protect it from acid attacks. When acids are formed from plaque bacterias and sugars, it can accumulate in some areas of the mouth which can damage the teeth to its pulp and roots which can eventually lead to decays and tooth loss.
  • Night Guard is a dental appliance that is usually worn during sleep to prevent Bruxism from damaging the teeth. Bruxism is the excessive teeth clenching and grinding that mostly occurs during sleep. It can cause the wearing of tooth enamel, sensitive teeth, discolored teeth, chipped tooth, headaches, and sleep disturbances.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings are essential since the successful cure for Oral cancer lies in the early detection. A dentist will use specific tools to check for discolorations, sores, changes in the surrounding tissues, and lumps within the mouth. The dentist can also give advice and recommendations for the prevention of oral cancer to avoid risks.
  • Sedation Dentistry can significantly help the prevention of multiple dental complications especially to those that have dental anxiety or phobia. A dentist can recommend the best sedation for a patient depending on their needs. Sedation can help in removing the pain and discomfort in dental procedures making the prevention of complications much more effective.

Preventive dental care is essential to everyone to make sure that the early signs of dental problems can be taken care of promptly and effectively. Getting a regular dental checkup every six months is essential to help determine the preventive treatments you need.

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