Red Flags of a Cracked Tooth in West Columbia, SC

Have you tried biting on something hard and accidentally broke your tooth? Maybe you forgot that your teeth is not a tool and used them to open a plastic packet when all of a sudden you heard an alarming click signaling for a cracked tooth! Lucky enough if you noticed them immediately because in some cases, a cracked tooth can be difficult to spot especially if the damage is located near the gum line area. You cannot quickly identify them unless you begin to experience excruciating tooth pain.

A cracked tooth is one of the major cause of a toothache. When the pain becomes unbearable, know where to seek help! At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry we can accurately diagnose the problem and provide treatment such as Cracked Tooth Repair. The option for treating the cracked tooth depends on what extent the condition is. We can perform a simple filling or bonding to fix the smaller cracks. On the other hand, if the damage is extensive, we can place a crown to restore your smile.


Girl at the dental office


But hey, is there any way to tell if you have cracked tooth? Of course! Look at these red flags:

Poor chewing due to pain

Depending on the extremity of the defect, one may find it challenging to munch foods due to pain. However, the discomfort may only arise when eating and will go away after.

You may notice inconsistent pain

For some oral problems, one might feel a constant ache in certain areas of their mouth that may last for an extended period. But with a cracked tooth, it is not typically the case. The pain is on and off. It usually peaks in every time you eat certain foods and will disappear once you are finished.

The teeth become sensitive to cold

If you have a cracked tooth, drinking an icy pearl milk tea might be tough as stinging pain is more likely to arise.

If you are wondering why having a crack in your tooth is painful, the answer is this: doing a specific activity like biting might cause the cracked tooth to open thereby exposing the pulp located inside the teeth. When the nerves and blood vessels (pulp) get irritated, it can lead to tooth sensitivity.


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