Dental Implants in West Columbia, SC: Important Facts to Know

For many years, the only solutions available to replace lost teeth were dentures and dental bridges, but decades ago, a better option emerged. Teeth restorations then became much easier and favorable. Although missing a tooth or two is never a good experience, the procedure made it more bearable. The usual hassles with the traditional restorative approach have been eliminated with the added benefit of improving one’s oral health. It is all thanks to dental implants.

Dental implants are not teeth; instead, these are posts made of titanium that are surgically placed on the jawbone to be the substitute for the lost roots. After it heals up, prostheses that are crafted per patient would be attached to it for the completion of the procedure. As mentioned above, the oral appliance securely sits on the implant posts than being a removable device worn over the gums.


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It is considered one of the most sought-after dental treatment nowadays; however, not everyone is too comfortable about it due to the surgical procedure involved. We at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry believe in the potential of the restoration in giving edentulous patients a second chance for their smiles. So, to help them consider the procedure, here are some facts about it:

Eating will return to normal

The difficulty in chewing and grinding foods associated with missing teeth will be eliminated. With dental implants, patients are free to eat once again the foods they love without any restrictions unlike with dentures or bridges. The oral appliance is designed to withstand normal chewing pressures, therefore, restoring the patient’s ability to chew as normal as possible.

High success rate

Restoration procedures aim to replace lost teeth to give patients their lost confidence back. It even improves their chewing functions after losing a tooth or two, although with restrictions. Only dental implants have a success rate of above 90% for teeth restoration!

Preserves healthy teeth

As mentioned above, the prostheses are attached to the posts that serve as roots instead of relying on the adjacent healthy teeth. Other restorations require the shavings of surrounding teeth to act as support, but this is eliminated with dental implants. Not one healthy tooth would be disturbed with its placement.


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